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Phoenix Colours, established since more than decades , as a Manufacturers Exporter of Dyestuff, Pigment & Intermediate products based in INDIA.

Key products :-
Basic dyes , Paper dyes
Liquid dyes for paper, ink, textile
Textile dyes ( wool dyes , silk dyes, nylon dyes, fur dyes etc. )
Ink dyes , Salt Free R.O. dyes ( Inkjet ink dyes , Digital printing ink dyes , To make Liquid concentrated dyes )
Fluorescent Dyes, Fluorescent solvent dyes
Anti Freezing Automobile colorants ( Coolant colours )
Cosmetic dyes
Intermediates for dyes, pigments, agro chemical & pharmaceutical industry

We strongly belief in good quality products with consistency in quality, commitment, competitiveness, regularity in supply & after sales service to the customers.

Today, Phoenix Colours is grown up business by exporting 98% of sales in direct exports to Europe , USA, China, Taiwan, Korea & many Asian countries, Far East & many other country.

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